Our Technology

Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort. – J.Ruskin

Britone have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the newest technologies in the glazing and aluminium industry this together with our dedicated well trained staff keeps us at the cutting edge of this industry.

We carry out all of our glass processing here on site enabling us to be almost 100% self sufficient and therefore more competitive.

Machines include; full scale Laminator Cutter, Float Cutter, Water-jet Cutter, Straight Line Polisher, Bevelling machine, Washing machine, Vinyl Applicator and our latest addition a Paint booth plus Tooling and Cutting machines in the Britone Windows & Doors division.

Spray Booth

The Spray Booth which is a specialised chamber providing a ...

Float Cutter

The Float Cutter is a semi automatic machine ideally suited ...

Water Jet Cutter

The Water Jet Cutter is a specialist piece of machinery ...